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I have been with this girl im dating for about 5 months. 2.5 months exclusively. The first couple of months of dating was awesome, no anxiety what so ever.

The anxiety came when we decided to become exclusive. It actually scared me so bad that I broke up with her a week after becoming exclusive. About a week after that when my anxiety went down I knew it was my anxiety so we made it exclusive again.

At first it seemed like the anxiety was every other week, 1 good week, 1 bad anxious week. It has since slowed down to about 1 week per month, so I suppose you could say its getting better.

But the anxiety causes me to analyze everything, and I will never be able to fall in love with this girl if I sit there and analyze everything, especially at the start of a relationship!!

During the 1 bad week per month it seems that my stomach hurts, and I sit here and wonder if she is the "one", when that thought shouldnt even be crossing my mind yet, its WAY to early, I cant even say that I love her yet.

She's a great girl, and im trying not to let anxiety get the best of me. Has anyone ever had to deal with this?

P.S. - I have been diagnosed with GAD, and have also seen a therapist about this specific problem, and he has told me that its my anxiety flareing up and has helped me find ways to control it.
I find relationships with women... well stifling. Could the anxiety you feel be, the impending loss of freedom? Could it be that there, might just be the real right one around the next corner?

How old are you? Do you really want her, or just be able to want her... at your convenience? I ask you how old because, men aren't on a clock, most men are all about convenience.

There are a thousand reasons for your fear, yes fear, it triggers an anxiety. What's the real anxiety? Is it the fear, of being afraid you made the wrong decision? You do know.

This is one of those discussions that... wait, "exclusive?" maybe you really do know the reason why. It takes years to develop true honest friendships, most people get married with-in 6-9 months, planning more for the "[I]wedding[/I]," than the [B]marriage[/B].


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