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[QUOTE=JennaBK25;3394438]Do you think that Klonopin could be contributing to it? How long have you been on it?[/QUOTE]

If you have no tolerance to benzos (kolopin) then yes I totally think it could be part of the reason you were A. in such a deep sleep and B. dont remember anything. Benzos especially xanax in higher doses with someone that has a low tolerance can cause black out moments. I have taken large doses of xanax during a major attack and wake up the next day not remembering going to bed and I have also have weird crazy dreams that I dont remember but my husband says hey you were talking in your sleep last night or hey you wigged out last night I had to rub you and hold you till you fell alsleep. Its not something that happens often but if it does its scary. I know the feeling. Scary when you do things and dont remember them at all.

If I were you taking the klopin at night like I do I am assuming ( I take my 5mg lexapro and .5 mg of klonopin at night before bed) I would take it earlier then you do now. I used to take mine at 10pm but now I take it between 7-9 so that its in my system for a while and I am not just taking it and then passing out causing it to knock me out. We have similar issues and thats been helping me.

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