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Hi every1, i just recently joined this site and i have read through many quotes relating to anxiety and/or panic attacks. As far as i can tell its all related to the state of mind that we have if not a physical condition, examples; things that we worry about or those thoughts that we keep inside our minds that we don't share with any1. I myself relate more towards as a person who use to smoke pot to relax myself and feel in a state of peace so that i wouldn't worry about things that stress me out. I'd like to explain myself first to see if any1 has any info on how to prepare or prevent anxiety/panic attacks. One of my main concerns is that i quit smoking pot about a month ago, hydrid stuff that is very addictive from what i have heard and very strong. I can't say that i'm proud of been a pot smoker cause i'm over that stage that when u fool urself that it is cool or that you see things better than a normal person would do, which is one of the reasons as to why people continue to smoke it, to be different and feel different. What i do realize is that after quitting i will obviously feel anxiety cause i woke up one day and said thats enough, no more for me. Reason why i did this is cause i was starting to suffer from short term memory loss and that upset me alot (goldfish memory, i just couldn't beleive that i couldn't remember where i had just left something like my house keys or some money that i had placed somewhere 15min ago. That was really unacceptable for me and i started to get some sort of anger issues towards myself. I do have reasons to be stressed out as well, personal matters that i need to discuss with a psychiatrist and get them out in the open, i'd most likely cry my eyeballs out as well. I'm waiting for my first appointment on the 7th of feb to see how it goes, and i beleive that it will work out good 4 me. I've been to the doc and i told him some of the reasons as to why i feel stressed out and that i had recently quit smoking pot at once. I never consumed it again (honestly) even though i was very tempted to do so, i can't say that i do have close friends or good friends in any case, so discussing this with a mate is not an option (i'm quite reserved), people tend to avoid people who suffer from anxiety/panic attacks cause its human nature to fear the unknown. Another concern of mine is that when i'm at work and being calm, i can get anxious for no reason at all and i start getting the symptoms such as tinggling in my arms from my elbows to my hands (numbness) shortness of breathe, accelerated heart rate, a feeling that everything is going to go wrong, drowziness and a sharp pain at the back of my neck which i can understand that it is nerve related. From what i can gather through my research regarding anxiety/panic attacks is that seeing a pyschiatrist is the best solution to start with and work from then onwards, such as breathing relaxation techniques and clearing your mind thinking of something that does not distress you and provides self secureness. I have had 2 bad cases of anxiety attacks which i went to the er for a ECG to clear the possibilty of a heart attack which was my main concern as to my heart rate hit the roof and i felt that i was more or less in orbit loosing all control of my awareness and senses and sick, but my heart is fine, that obviously freaked me out and just made it worse. I think that learning to control the state of mind (even though it comes without notice) is a good solution to help ease the anxiety attack itself, and beleive me i'm aware that it is not easy to do. But today i was able to control myself whilst being in a small room with an instructor that wouldn't stop talking and finally she got on my nerve and i had to leave to the bathroom and wash my face with cold water, my hair, my arms and back of neck also telling myself that everything is ok and that i didn't have to worry about anything trying to focus on one object, to calm me down. These anxiety/panic attacks a new to me since they have happened to me twice in the last month and i'm pretty sure that its related to the fact of quitting pot that suppressed my concerns and releived my level of stress, then being straight i guess it all came back to me in one blow. I am a person that in nature tends to worry about everything for no reason, i just do so i recon that i have to learn to live my days with a clear mind together with a positive attitude. I'm sorry if i don't provide any help by submitting this but it is my first post and i just wanted to share it with you all, mainly to get some feedback about how long these attacks can go for based on my specs. I do have to say that now typing about this makes me feel better already, so i guess a psychiatrist can be the best for me since i worry so much about everything, my mum is like that as well so maybe i got it from, funny how things work out as they pass through family. Well as to medication the doc just gave me Diazepam 5mg to relax and help me sleep, i gotta say that i spent months staying up late on my pc, stoned, drinking heeps of coke and working in a stressfull environment for just over a year plus my own personal daily concerns (bills, money,food,kids, work u name it the whole package). At first, i did feel alone when i was diagnosed with anxiety attacks but we all must be aware that it is a condition that many people suffer from, so no one is alone in this and that helps to feel better (and b4 i forget, never consume anything like caffeine, redbulls or anything that stimulates you, even tea cause it works as a trigger for the anxiety attack). if any of you guys want to reply please do so because i would like to help releive that steam or stress (worries) of others if it helps, there are methods to treat all of this but it takes time and power of will. Even though one can be overwelmed by the preocupations that surround us on a daily basis, thats why its so important to talk about those things that one hides and are most likely to be embarassed to talk about so maybe here since we are not face to face can help get those concerns out in the open. Well, hopefully through my experience i can help others and vice-versa to not solve these problems but through talking about it can give peace of mind. I must say that this site seems to be very good since it relates to helping people improve there daily life and enjoy life with a positive attitude and eventually become a happy person that can live in harmony with others and with oneself. I took a Diazepam a few minutes ago and i don't take them often cause they are addictive, always remember that medication can be addictive and cause more problems, just a reminder. So now the keyboard is playing tricks on me and i don't want to start typing incorrectly without making sense, so good luck for every1 out there and remember to take deep breathes cause even if you don't feel the cool air in your lungs just remember that its in your mind, the air is there and you will be fine, that helps me get through it (cause i've also had light anxiety attacks as well apart from the 2 main ones). Ok all the best and i hope for a reply to discuss this even further cause i'm too relaxed now to keep typing, bye.

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