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i try to make this brief and not a long story

quite a few years ago ,i had a bridge put in ,and i was in so much pain and discomfort,dentist wouldnt believe me and kept on saying ,there was nothing wrong,i went down to 5 stone in weight and couldnt eat or sleep.
was first put on valium ,which i took a long time before i would agree to something,then i was given anti depressants
i didnt want to take them but was in such a state,finally i found a dentist who believed i had a problem and sent me to a specialist up in wimpole street london,which found and agreed it was put in wrong and had to be taken out

well ended up having a plate put in rather than a another bridge as i had two previous and wouldnt work
i finally came off the anti depressants after a year ,also of counselling

well ,some years later ,yet again i am in same boat ,a dentist drilled into my strong bottom teeth ,well used to be until dentist got hold of them
and new dentist i went to after ,done more treatment spent thousands of punds, trying to sort them ,and yet now my teeth are mobile ,and joined onto another tooth ,
gone to another dentist he has refered me to a speciaklist in london not the one i saw before in hope they can do something ,to help me

as my nerves are getting back to how i was before i dont want to have another break down.
i am trying to be strong,and went to doctors and all hje give me is anti depressants again
i explained i dont want to go down that road again,as i want my social life and like to have a few drinks at weekend
i find it hard to sleep most nights becuase of the way my teeth are,and my nerves ,but if i get a good night sleep ,i can cope with my nerves and irritation of my teeth
and in hope on tuesday the dentist can come up with something to secure my teeth so theyre not mobile and dont irritate me or set my nerves off

why dont doctors listen to you properly ,they can see i dont like taking tablets and see on their screen i havnt taken sleeping tablets regulary only when i need them
but it seems ,they are quick in giving out anti depressants than they are sleeping tablets? yet i know people they give out sleeping tablets and anti depressents like anything yet a person who needs the help with sleep and who is sensible with taking them cant get them?

i am getting so depressed again and cant stop crying went into shop today ,tried to exchange my anti biotics for my other perscription,they couldnt i had to pay again and for no reason ,i just burst out crying
and couldnt stop the chemist was very good and realised i was depressed and she had gone through same thing and gave me her support

i have got a weeks supply of sleeping tablets which probably last me 2 weeks or maybe 2 1/2 weeks ,but after that i wont be able to get any more ,i have taken nytol before but i wake up really feeling bad and wished i never took them

anyone got any idea's of somethign that helps you sleep?

i just hope tuesday the hospital will be able to do something as i cant go on like i am for too long:(

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