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Re: Gad
Jan 24, 2008
Well I guess my main symptoms would be irregular heartbeat, chronic headaches, a feeling in my chest and stomach that feels like I'm hollow inside. (Hard to explain that one) I get nervous around people like they are judgeing me. I get nervous when I have to deal with people other than friends. Probably the biggest complaint would be constant worrying. I worry about EVERYTHING. If something that I was worried about is over then I think about what else is going on and what I need to be worried about. I'm never truely at ease or content. I have depression along with it. Not sure which came first. I have been on sooo many meds but none has helped or I couldn't handle the side effects. Right now I am taking norytriptiline at night for sleep and headaches. I haven't taken my Buspar in about 3 days now because I was so snappy and aggitated but wasn't sure which was causeing it. I started the meds at the same time.
I'm currently reading a book called "Unlocking the Mysteries of Mood". It has been really interesting. It talks about depression, antidepresants,heredity etc. I will let you know what I get out of it. I'm going to try and start walking and having more of a positive attitude. Dr. Wayne Dyer was on Ellen today and I think I will purchase his audio tapes to listen to to help me with that. Oh you wanted to know about the lupus. I thought that I may have Chronic Fatigue so they have to test you for lupus when you complain of this. I have times of very low estrogen so thats probably what caused the tiredness. I wear a low dose estrogen patch now so we will see how that works.
When will you get your test results?

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