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Well i need to just hide this machine, cause it's not helping! I been taking my BP so much the past few days. i am now at what feels like a constant state of rapid heart rate from being anxious over this and everytime i take it the last few times it's been on an average of 135/90. The highest so far was when i took it during a panic episode in my last post. This may sound stupid but the pulse = heart rate right? my pulse has been around the 75-80 area. Do i have any cause for concern? I keep thinking my heart is enlarged and really want to see about going to a cardiologist but would probably have to go see a doctor for a referall first, then he would probably tell me i don't need to see one and tell me to see a shrink instead :P still though, so many times in my past my heart rate felt so fast i thought i was going to drop dead from a heart attack. I just don't know how they would even be able to check my "reaL" reading since my heart rate/bp would be jacked laying on a table getting a bunch of tests done, especially if they had to do a ultrasound and could see my heart beating. I guess the first thing i really need to do is get my anxiety in check.

Still though, now i can't stop worrying about this. I just had a doctors appointment also but it actually higher now when i take it at home! It dips though and the lowest reading i got so far was around 126/74. So does this pretty much mean i don't have high BP if it does get lower? does having high BP mean it's constantly high and am i worrying over nothing and if my doctor had any concerns he would have brought it up? cause i'm guessing it takes a long time to develop any significant problems from having high BP? cause everything i have read says you should get your BP checked only once every two years?!?! i usually get palpitations also and sometimes pain in my heart but i'm pretty sure it's from my social anxiety, still scary though! I also get what feels like hot flashes ( got these as long as i could remember) the feeling of my face getting all hot and read, like when your embarrassed. I could only imagine what my BP is at during those times!

I wish i could just relax though about it, even if the numbers are due to my anxiety isn't that still wayyy too high for an active young male adult, anxiety or not? I also read up on the high/low blood pressure board on here and read about peoples reading and some were WAY higher than mine! Like in the 160/110 range. I'd feel like i was going to explode if mine was that high! Now i'm worried about my two hour weight lifting sessions and wonder if i should tone them down a bit cause i go all out :(

PS. Just took another reading lol. 120/75 Pulse=80. MUCH better than my last few readings, so i'm going to end it at that and hide this BP machine and not check anymore LOL.

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