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:(Im too young to die now . i have so mch todo ,
i get up and the old ticker is pounding like i ran a marathon ,
so i went to the ER , everything they said was normal , but that night the sharp pains in and around the chest area were pretty bad , if i turned it hurt , when i got up i was light headed it would last about 15 -20 min . this all started on the 16 of jan 08 ,i must admitt i was over worked and stresed , angry and had just moved a queen size matresss by my self in to a uhaul truck , and then i had a brew , after wards , i woke up in the middle of the night and man , i was in pain i thought i was gonna die , so i figuered it was all over ,
anyway , the next day i had a big meeting with the senators ceif advisor for a 20,0000$ budget , then i went to sleep . prayin it would be gone when i awoke , it was the same ,
thats when i went to the ER .
to no avail . how its this normal when i feel so bad ,might be normal for dr.buthani but not for me.
im a pretty healthy person
, pretty muched stoped all intoxicants this prior month ,
but its today ;;
two weeks later and it has improved very slightly . but if i get up ,my heart feels like its jumping out of my chest , I have been pretty stressed , and only ask the creator to help me see this through .
still i dont , know why its not leaving , i think i tore a musle in my chest .. but when the light headeednesss ocurs and the tingle in my chest , it also bring a sharp pain every this has bee hapening every now and then , and i feel like crying , a almost overwhelming sense of sadness , to me it is extemely bizarre. it feels like demons or somthing evil ot of the abyss of hell . it leaves , and comes bak ., its geting slight;y better . but i have never experinced anything like this in my entire life , ,, im only 25 , it is alost ffightenig to think what will happen when im 50;should i make to 50 . i cant' get exited or worked up it will desend on my chest , i feel unaturally tired , and this makes me think of only
"THE what if's ".
my doctor says it s only stress.Its also the last time he says anything to me , cuz im changing psyzicians . ive been stressed this is somthing else .

but what . im waiting for the reslts for the sonogram of my heart . and tuesday i see the cardiologist .

wish me well . ..i m glad i found this web site . hearing the storyies of others did make me feel a bit better . i m not on any meds. and don't eat red meat. no soda
at worst i eat chiken . and potatoe chips . maybe i have over done it . im off .
to fight for life again until the sunrises . for reading and responding if any one does ,,

good nite from NYC staten island .i pray we all can get better .
all of us , and you too!

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