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Jan 26, 2008
Hey Ya'll! Hope you're all having a great day. Ok, I have a couple of questions about medications like Xanax, Ativan, etc...I guess benzos in general. I have been prescribed them a couple of times in my life, during stressful events, including my husband's tumor episode. The weird thing is this...they make me feel AWFUL! It's a strange feeling like my nose closes up, and I can't breathe good through it. And on top of that, I don't get a calm, happy feeling at ALL! Instead, I get an agitated half-drowsy state that I can't hardly wait to wear off! I can't sleep good, but I can't stay awake good...and I get frustrated. I know this sounds weird, as those are supposed to make people feel calm and good and sleepy and at ease. Does anyone else have this strange problem? Now, one time, I was prescribed Klonopin for a few days during a traumatic family emergency, and that didn't make me feel bad like the others. Why?

Right before I had surgery (for pelvic adhesions/endo), they gave me 2mg (I think) of Ativan to make me less anxious. It was the WORST feeling. I felt foggy, yet agitated and somewhat anxious. Anybody know what this is called? I'm I the only one? I may have to have another surgery soon, and I sure don't want to deal with that again.

Also, Morphine makes me feel cry-ee and agitated and restless and panicky. I don't understand that either, since I take Lortab daily, and it turns into Morphine in the bloodstream, right?? Anyone have adverse Morphine reactions that include severe anxiety? After one surgery in 03, my doc had ordered Morphine after surgery after I specifically told him I couldn't take it!! It was awful...again! Makes me a little scared to have surgery again!

I found that Deseryl (trazadone) makes my nose close up too. But it just made me really sleepy, not agitated or anxious. Any thoughts??

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