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I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember and it's getting worse. One big fear I have is that I might become schizophrenic, because other members in my family first began having anxiety that escalated, and eventually a breakdown resulting in 'authentic' schizophrenia (voices, delusions, etc). They did not medicate their anxiety, though, so that's my "hope" for not going the route they did.

I don't know if I have delusions? If I do, they're minor, BUT anyway, I'll get to my question.

I feel very very restless and nervous, as if something is about to happen. This is nothing new. I have a tightness in my head, the exact same feeling you get when you clutch your teeth shut as hard as you can, a pressure in my head, a headache, I can't talk straight, and I'm irritable beyond belief.

It feels like being on way too much coffee

BUT here's my question! - I am on Wellbutrin SR 150mg twice a day, it definitely doesn't help with anxiety, but what I listed above is how I felt long before I took any drugs, so let's count out the wellbutrin for now.

I was Rx'd Clonazepam (klonopin) 0.5mg "as-needed" w/ the Wellbutrin.

It's definitely not a long term solution, because I know clonazepam causes permanent damage in 10-15% of patients who only took it for a few months, unlike other benzos.

0.5mg of xanax chills me out beyond belief. Life slows down, I can talk to my wife without rage, etc.. but klonopin doesn't do anything _at all_ for my anxiety.

I tried 1 dose,
I tried 1 dose crushed and absorbed under tongue,
I tried 1 dose ingested orally with 1 dose sub lingually (1mg total)
I tried 2 doses together (1mg)

I barely feel anything, and I have zero benzo dependence. Even one beer calms me down, and I know klonopin is a strong anxiolytic.

The doc initially wanted to give me Ativan but I declined, opting for klonopin because it lasts longer. Xanax works but is too short acting, but even if every benzo worked, they aren't long term solutions.. so

What are LONG TERM solutions to anxiety? SSRIs?

I'm thinking about going with zoloft + wellbutrin. I have chronic fatigue, it's psychological (I went to 10 different physicians and spent lots of money searching for a physical cause) and it's just as devastating as the anxiety, that's why I use wellbutrin. I self-medicated with Zoloft in the past, I felt perfect for a few days but the side effects were unbearable (and I couldn't afford it). sexual side effects, etc..

but wellbutrin counters zoloft's sexual side effects, so I'm thinking about Wellbutrin + SSRI or SNRI. what do you guys think?

The ideal solution would be an NRI (strattera) + SSRI, but I don't want strattera for the sexual side effects, price, and the fact that it's too new.

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