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Hello. I was prescribed 40 mg of Celexa, I was on the 20 mg for a few months and felt better with the anxiety but still am struggling with insomnia. Does anyone here break up their Celexa dose? I mean like take 20 mg in the morning and 20 more at night? Would it hurt to do something like that? The Celexa definately does not help with my sleep but maybe if I broke it up it would help? Help, I need your opinions please!! Thanks
hi Singer78, yes I was on 20 mg and I felt like it was helping and I do like Celexa too. But I have had insomnia or about 5 years now and she increased my dosage to 40 mg after a few months because she thought it would help me sleep, and it hasn"t helped with the sleep, only with the anxiety. I cut myself back to 20 mg because taking the whole 40 at one time was making me feel like a zombie!! and I have a 4 year old so after a few weeks of feeling bad I put myself back on 20 and feel fine, except for the sleep of course.I just started an experiment though. I want to try 20 mg in the morning and then around 7 pm take the other 20 mg, hoping maybe that will help me sleep. I don't know as of yet but will keep you posted. I am afraid of becoming dependent on sleep aids as well. The dr. gave me Klonopin to take at night but no refills and I could tell she was resistant to giving it to me, and it seems like the Klonopin is the only thing that helps. I still have a mostly full bottle of the Klonopin because I am trying to deal with my sleep issue without drugs, one dr. told me I was too young to be dependant on sleep aids since I am only 39 years old. Good luck and let me know how it goes!!

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