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Anyone try Luvox?
Jan 29, 2008
My psych is trying this after almost a year on Buspirone. I was finally at the max dose and it wasn't doing anything...didn't seem that way. I also have clonazepam .5 as needed and was relying on that more days than not so we felt it was time to change. She's starting me on 25mg daily for a week and then up to 50 mg which is a low dosage.

I'm very conservative with meds and so is my Dr. but she felt this was a good option. Quite a bit of my anxiety is based on my obsessive thoughts over EVERYTHING. I can't get my mind to rest most of the time. I'm a perfectionist and I get really stressed when things aren't "just so." I'm also planning on finding a therapist and going for some CBT so I don't have to rely on meds too long. I need to be in a better place for the long term.

I have two young children and I really don't want my anxiety to rub off on them. I already see my DS has more of my personality and while it can be an asset to be thorough and strive for perfection, I don't want it to result in anxiety for him someday. I want to be a positive role model for them and I don't need to stress about if they have just the perfect color socks to match their outfits!

My biggest concerns are about weight gain, sexual side effects and insomnia. I've never had a weight problem and don't want to start with one. My sexual desire is nowhere near my DH's since I'm often so wiped out so I don't want to make it worse and insomnia happens very easily to me. Hopefully Luvox won't affect me negatively.

Thanks for any input.

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