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About three weeks ago I had a simple cold. A few days after, I started to experience a pain in my left chest that extended into my neck, shoulder, side, below my rib cage and arm. It was sharp and painful yet dull at the same time. Dr assured me that it was a muscle strain. About a week after my cold I began to have other symptoms that started quite suddenly. I felt nauseated, dizzy, lightheaded, and all around week. This persisted for approximately a week and a half. I wasn't able to eat or drink much because of the nausea. About three days into feeling this way I started my period. I began to feel pain and weakness in my thighs and calves. I figured that it was just from my period. It has been 4 days since my period ended as well as the nausea and dizziness and my legs still hurt. I have pain and burning in my thighs just above the knees, especially if I am sitting. My legs still feel weak. My arms have also felt weak while the pain on the one side comes and goes. My hands feel really stiff. My whole body feels kind of stiff and my flexibility is limited. I have also been getting sporadic twitching in my muscles (especially my calves and in my upper legs [front and back]). I don't get just one twitch, it is a series of them that are painless but I definately feel them. I have been under a lot of stress, especially over the past 6 months (which 6 months ago I had a bulging lower lumbar disc that was causing redicular pain down my legs to the point of not being able to walk). I still have stiffness and pain in my lower back in the back of my thighs due to the pressure on the sciatic. I have also been diagnosed with both a panic and anxiety disorder and I know that I worry about things too much. Needless to say that I have been having panic attacks at least 1-2 per day and have been having horrible crying spells. One moment I am happy and the next I am devestatingly sad. A lot of that has to do with the worrying over what might be wrong with me. Having these pains and twitches in my leg muscles as well as the pain in my arm and weakness in all limbs makes me extremely concerned. I am sure that I am over-reacting but I am really worried that this might be ALS. Can anxiety/panic/depression cause muscle twitching/cramping and muscle weakness or should I genuinly be concerned that this might be the beginning signs of ALS?? I am 29-years-old. I drive for a living so I am sitting 80% of the time. I do not work out or am involved in strenuous activities. There is no one in my family nor do I know anybody that has ALS.

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