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It all sounds so familiar. I sympathize with all of you. I have the same problem. It started a few years ago. I live in a very stressful world - job, kids, elderly parents, and have been getting these attacks for the past few years but recently they've increased in the past two weeks. Everything bothers me and everything roams through my head, day in and day out. My blood pressure soars at times and I get hot inside and then I get chilled and start to shiver. I was sure something terrible is wrong with me - but now that I take a real small dose of blood pressure med (which I might stop) plus either xanax or valium, (with fingers crossed) I've slept two nights without waking. Anxiety if you have it, rules your life. Otherwise I am a happy person - until I get THAT feeling. I have channeled my thoughts and when I think of something that's going to upset me I wipe it from my mind. Even thinking of anxiety makes me anxious so I try not to think about it. When it starts in the middle of the night, recently, I try to think of things that will make me happy and then the attack doesn't get blown out of proportion.
Dr gave me Lexapro to start. I hate taking pills. I hate taking Xanax/Valium but have not had side effects. I don't know how Lexapro will affect me. If it would help I'd be so inclined to take it but I have heard stories about side effects and normally I get every side effect possible.

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