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Hi everyone,
I am a 34yr old female and here is my story. Last week in the middle of the night I woke up thinking I was having a heart attack. My heart was racing, I was clammy, dizzy, felt like I was going to pass out etc..the only thing that seemed to help was splashing my face with ice cold water and going outside into the cold air and taking deep breaths. This went on for a few hours until finally I was able to fall asleep. The next morning I woke up for work and was in the shower when it hit me again. I was like this for a few hours, dizzy, clammy hands/feet, couldn't breath, no appetite what so ever, sometimes I feel like a burning in my chest and just anxious. I called my doctor who was able to get me in that day. He did an EKG in his office which was normal and ordered blood work for thyroid/anemia/pregnancy etc.. which all came back normal. He said it was probably viral and told me to call him if I still felt this way after a few days. That was Wed and I was still feeling this way Sunday. Morning and nights are the worse, the rest of the day has its moments depending on what I am doing. I called him Sunday and he said he wanted to set me up for a 24 hr Holter monitor, and called me in Xanax for the anxiety. I took 1/2 of a .25mg pill ev 6 hours as needed. The Xanax helped tremendously but if I tried to not take the next dose the feelings came back. The doctor wanted me to stop the Xanax for the Holtor monitor so I stopped taking it. That night I thought I was going to die. I was tossing and turning in bed, hot, clammy, anxious etc.. I HAD to take it. Within 1/2 hr I felt relief. The next morning the day of the test I went to work and was going to leave in the afternoon to get the monitor. I work in customer service for an insurance company. I was ok when I got there but about 5 minutes before I was to go on the phones the anxiety started. Thank god a few of my coworkers are dealing with the same thing, they are very supportive. I had to role up my sleeves, take deep breaths and felt like I was going to pass out in front of everyone. I had to take the Xanax. It helped me again. I called my doctor almost crying and he said I could continue the Xanax but to still go for the Holter monitor. The results from the monitor came back normal.

My doctor seems to agree with me that it is anxiety. But he is sending me for an echocardiogram to rule everything out. He started me on 20mg of Celexa, I am to take 1/2 pill for the first six days then can take a whole pill daily. He said if I need the Xanax I can take that as well. I started the Celexa yesterday and I needed the Xanax this morning. The mornings are the worse for me because the minute I wake up I feel anxious. Will this ever go away?

I just don't understand how you can wake up one day and just feel this way forever. Is that how it starts? I should mention a few things. This started 3 days before I got my period. My father also suffered from anxiety around the same age I am now, he currently takes Buspar because his anxiety came back again. When I was younger(like 8/9) my parents said I used to pass out alot especially in confined places(church, school etc) and I went for all kinds of tests and they couldn't find anything wrong. My blood pressure is fine and I am in good shape. I used to exercise everyday either treadmill, walking my dog or taking an aerobics class, I haven't exercised since this happened because I was worried it was my heart.

I am married with two children and feel this is so unfair to them. I want to be happy again.

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