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Why do I always feel like at home when I come by this website?.Its because I feel like you are all somehow related to me,,,,,or I feel like everyone is speaking about me behind my back....:)
I have had anxiety for at least 12 yrs now,but even as a child I was always shy and afraid of things.I also experience skipped beats,which feels like your heart is doing a flip flop,sudden extra beat and then it return to normal.I mentioned it to my doc more than a year ago she says we all have them they are ok.At that time they were once in awhile.My anxiety got so much better without drugs(I only take ocassional ativan - I had 20 pills in entire year)...but then I think it returned...yet again.I don;t really have the full blown panic cause I can stop it now before it hits me but its the constant daily ritual of thinking about my nasty symptoms like muscle aches,chest wall pains,neck or head pain,twiches,lump in throat and heart skipps(about 1 a day) that drive me insane.Now for the past few days I ve noticed a new thing it feels like shortness of breath,it comes and goes,I think its due to stress and constant state of worry but now I think I am probably going to have a heart attack.Yet I read everywhere that its one of anxiety symptoms but I still wonder...what if its not this time.?Does it happen to you too?That as soon as one symptoms clears or you forget about it a new one pops up?
Im tired of this and Im about to try the Linden method,I'll try anything at this point,other than medication.take care everyone,tomorrow is another day!

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