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LOL man we really all think we have brain tumors and heart problems eh? It must come with having anxiety cause i already been to the hospital once thinking i had a brain tumor/aneurysm! Took a CT scan to reassure me. They did a EKG first and it was really high, i forgot what the doctor said but something along the lines of it's what an old mans would be, or somebody about to have a stroke, so that made me feel great lol. i told him it was cause of my anxiety though, but sometimes i think some doctors just don't truly understand anxiety as much as others.

But now i have also been in what feels like a state of constant anxiety, if you check the "lolasmom" topic about high BP/anxiety you can see what i'm going through as well. I also have these heart palpitations and sometimes they will last a few seconds, and only feel like one missed beat ( if that makes any sense) i recall one times though a few months back when i had what felt like one after the other and make me feel like i lost my breathe/couldn't catch it and that was scary. Then of course that makes me think these palps and what not can cause a blood clot in my brain or somewhere else, can't win! the random scary heart pains are the worst though! feels like a strain and i'm sure it's probably something int he chest muscle area and just feels like it's coming from the heart but who knows! I just wish there was something to take that i could just not care about all this stuff without getting addicted/worrying about withdrawals.

i got the weirdest feeling yesterday though that i was going to have a bad panic attack and that i felt like i "wasn't there" that i was going to lose my mind and just felt weird, even when trying to lay down to watch TV, i had to reassure myself i was fine, but then i felt like i was having trouble breathing. I think i need a vacation in a room with rubber walls!

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