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Pressure and pain behind your nose could be a sign of sinus infection. Do you have a fever, yellow phlegm, etc.? If you have a sinus infection, and your neck is "very" stiff and painful, I would see a doctor ASAP for it could be meningitis.
As for tumors, do you have nausea, visual changes like light sensitivity, strange visual disturbances, or seeing flashes of light? Are you having balance problems, or "severe" consistent headaches?
I'm an anxiety sufferer, and I get feelings of pressure in the head. To me it feels like my head is filled with air compressing my brain, and I would love to just crack my skull and let the "air" escape. Sorry for the graphic image, haha, but it's just a feeling I get in stressful/anxious situations, which seems to be a normal thing with anxiety sufferers. Goodluck to you!
Please discribe your "throat" attacks...

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