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I'm not so sure
Feb 8, 2008
Hi guys, well like you all I am a anxiety sufferer (also have depression) and have had it good part of my life and only discovered what it really was when it started preventing me from getting on in life. So the low down is: I have had CBT therapy for 4 years with medication for 1.5 years. Bottom line is, although CBT has helped me understand myself better, and know 'some' of the causes for my anxiety it is not enough to stop it (extreme cases). I found the combination of medication and CBT proved most effective.

Now, here comes the interesting part, I am now in the middle of a transition phase of coming off paxil (which worked wonders for my anxiety) to zoloft to then be off AD's altogether (by doctors recommendation). However, in this transition everything has been flooding back, all my anxiety and regular feelings - good and bad. However, no matter how much I have learnt from my CBT and other therapies I cannot completely rid, some of the unexpected anxiety, that just seems to form from nowhere. Like for example sitting somewhere minding my own business and then BOOM, panic attack. That just isn't right, I don't care what any one says, you just don't get things like that happen to you out of the blue it is not normal (especially on a regular basis). I don't know what causes these types of anxiety but I certainly do know, that medication does stop this to some degree. It may not completely rid it, but it certainly does make things more manageable and this has definitely been shown in the example I just mentioned.

Why do some of us get these unexpected anxietys? I do believe there is some form of 'oversenstivity' going on in some region of the brain somewhere, definitely. I just wish, doctors and you and I knew more about it. Yes, we all experience anxiety, to not would be almost inhuman. But to get it to the degree where it is unmanageable and unexpected is not. I just wish, doctors and therapists who themselves haven't experienced anxiety like this would stop getting on their high horse and telling you want is what, when they have no idea how it feels in your shoes.

So, my overall opinon on all this; is stick to your guns. You know what works and what doesn't and I am making a point of this when I next see my doctor. My doctor thinks that's it, it's time to come off and that's that, even though I have suffered from anxiety nearly all my life and been on medication for 1.5 yrs which was working - realistically is not very long time at all.

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