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Re: Anxiety & tmj?
Feb 13, 2008
Hi All,
i have been on these boards for the last 2 months (headaches and TMJ) I have been reading these posts and already feeling - dare i say - "excited" about finding others like me.
I was diagnosed with TMJ late Jan and Tension type headaches in December. I also have inflammed breast bone and ribs (a diagnosis i cannot spell) which causes chest pain beyond belief, this and the headaches have made me a nrevous panicing wreck! I find i am looking and finding new symptons daily - which is when i fell across panic attacks. These have been mentioned many times before but as someone has already said, we turn into hypocondriacs, so wouldn't believe it was that. I am so scared that i have been mis diagnosed, scared of being alone, driving, sleeping, constant feeling i am going to die. Even if i am sitting clam working, watching tv etc, my pulse feels as though it will jump right out of my neck, my heart kinda flips, i get an aching right on my breast bone, a little like a pressure and cold trickling type sensation across my chest but most frightening - a light headed feeling like i will faint , once it leaves i have a sick "vacant" feeling although i am very much with it. My breathing is not affected and i dont sweat but i do shake once it has passed.

Sorry to have rambled on but i am desperate to know if it is any thing other than panic attacks - is it?
Re: Anxiety & tmj?
Feb 22, 2008
Hi Kaza - All of the symptoms you describe, I have. I am now on Buspar which is a non-addicting, non-narcotic medicine. I'm on about 2 weeks and it has helped, but my body doesn't feel great. My jaw feels locked sometimes, actually right now, tension in my neck, which sets off the panick. My doctor also gave me hydroxyne which is a daily as needed anxiety/tension medication. You can take 3 times a day. I don't know if this is all working but I'm stickikng it out. My mom had anxiety when she was younger. This is hard, but pick a word and when things start to happen, say it over and over slowly with deep breaths. My word is RELAX or CONCENTRATE. It's physically hard,but it really works. My doctor gave me the meds but also told me the best way to win this is to fight it. Obviously it can be too much for us to fight. I find that the deep breaths in, constantly relaxing my shoulders really helps.

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