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Hello, I am new here and hoping someone can help me. As long as I can remember Ive always had anxiety and depression and felt stressed. Even as a child, I remember being around 5 or 6 and looking at my school mates and wondering what was wrong with me..I knew something was very different and very wrong. I felt crused at even that age.
That feeling has followed me into adulthood and Im not sure if I can handle it anymore. On top of all that I go out of my way to please everyone. Almost EVERY relationship Ive been in...friends..coworkers..marriage is abusive. I want everyone to like me so much that I let them walk all over me. Ive seen doctors for the depression and anxiety and been meds to try. Nothing seems to help.Tried..paxil, effexor,zoloft,wellbutrin,cymbalta,xanax.

One of my biggest anxietys is driving. We live in large city because of my husbands job. It keeps growing. I have such fear of driving I start to sob and cant breathe. I get so bad I feel like im going to black out and i forget where I am at. I dont know what to do anymore. My husband forces me to drive places for things we need to get done.{pick up things ordered for house or such} i dont know anyone and have social fear anxiety. Im afraid to get out of my house I just want it all to get better and to be normal and happy for a change. im tired of it all. i keep thinking things will get better but they dont..they get worse and worse. i feel like im drowning.:(

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