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Celtics 2008:

I am so sorry to hear your story but for what it's worth let me assure you that you are not alone. I lost my father out of the blue a few year back and shortly thereafter my anxiety started. I feel like crap almost everyday, from nausea to dizziness, you name it, I have gotten it :confused:

I have been to the ER a dozen of times and have seen all kinds of doctors and everything checks out. But I am still feeling crummy for the most part. I am scared of death really bad and every day I think I am done and I will die soon.

The good news is that after 5 years of battling my anxiety I am still here so I ask myself what am I afraid of? I am still here so what if live 100 years I will ruin everyday of my life wondering about things I have no control over.

Bottom line are fears + feelings are real to us and make us feel like crap even if there is really nothing wrong with us.

Most likely most of us will live a normal lengthy life but if we keep feeling this way the quality of our lives will be questionable.

I have learned that excercise + eating and snacking every couple of hours + natural herbs help. Granted I take Ativan or Xanax at bed time (80% of the time), otherwise I can not sleep, but we can not surrender to this nasty Anxious feeling and we have to beat it. WE CAN, it might take time but we can.

Enjoying life is about contrast. You can taste wealth only if you know what poor is, you can appreciate kindness only if you know mean people, you can appreciate health only when you start feeling crummy, so on and so forth. So life is about cycles and we are now in the down cycle, at least 50% of the time. A feeling has two components, your thoughts + your physical response, if you get rid of one of these two elements the feeling will go away.

We need to conquer our fears and ignore anxiety and turn our negative thoughts into positives and anxiety will diminish. Watch the DVD "The Secret" and read the book "The Power of Your Subconcious mind". They will help.

I am here to help anyone in anyway I can. We are a big family here and we can all succeed together. God Bless Ed

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