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I agree with what Singer said you must focus when you are deep breathing. This does seem hard because at the moment your in a panic of not being able to breathe.
Try breathing into paper bag a medium size bag it does help and then gently take it away and breath without it.
I use several things that help distract my thought but I need to focus also. I use the little bottle of perfumed oils that I love the most and try to think of a time or a person that wears it and keep breathing in and out. Tell yourself breathe in, breathe out slowly over and over, concentrate. I also sometimes have used a choclate bar I carried in my purse because the smell of choclate is wonderful to me.
Isometimes try and concentrate on a game on the internet to take my mind away from my breathing attacks and deep breathe the entire time. I have several relaxing cd's that I put on louder then normal and close my eyes and breathe...ANYTHING to help you get through that grip of fear. No, it isn't always easy but it does begin to work and once you see that, feel it you know your ok and it will work again easier and easier. I also write on this board lately when I feel the attacks come on and it helps also.

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