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Ok so here is my problem. About a month ago I broke up with my boyfriend and I know he still has feelings for me. Well, the last couple of weeks I have been having the same dream about him showing up at my house and doing something to me. Yesterday he showed up at my house, but I acted as if I was not home. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that the dream was going to come true. I think I might of had a panic attack while waiting for him to leave. I could not breath and I could not stop shaking for about 30 mins (don't know if those signs of a panic attack). I am just being crazy or is a type of anxiety disorder? Please I need to know.
I don't think it is an anxiety disorder and you certainly aren't "crazy". Ending a relationship is a difficult and stressfull situation and not surprising if you dream about someone that is on your mind. It was a dream and not a premonition althpough you might have some deep seated fears about his stability or just fear of violence from an ex partner as this stuff is in the news a bit. Don't dwell on it. You maybe should call him and find out why he dropped around. It might ease your mind a bit, and if you are afraid of seeing him face to face that might be an easier way of telling him you don't want to see him rather than hiding. Good luck.

Sounds like you might have had a panic attack, but under the circumstances, although I wouldn't call it "normal" I would think that it might be expected.

Shaking, and trouble breathing are classic symptoms. If it happens again, try not to breathe through your mouth....try to breathe through your nose. Try to slow your breathing.

As you calm down, the shaking will stop as well.

Something to remember, a panic attack lasts no more than 30 minutes... if you get really scared...sit in front of a clock, and time it.

The advice about your boyfriend is good advice.

Good luck


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