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I have been under a great deal of stress recently, both at home and work. I am currently in a dangerous job, one that should not be dangerous, but is. I'm working as quickly as possible to get out of there though.

Ever since I can remember, anytime I felt a great deal of stress, I have had symptoms of anxiety, although I've always been able to work through it on my own. That is, until it pops back up again later on. At one point, I wasn't able to drive for 3 years because of it. I managed for force myself over a period of time and am now driving again. I get bad headaches for no apparent reason, muscle aches and pains, eat too much or too little, sleep issues, if it's really bad I shake or freeze up (like with the driving, I would freeze up and feel as though I couldn't move).

Through the years, I've also had a symptom I haven't heard or seen much about. It's hard to describe, so bare with me, please...
Normally as I'm laying in bed at night trying to fall asleep, I can 'see' the faces of people from the day. They sort of seem to fly in and out. Along with the faces, I can hear their voices, things they said, and it sounds as if I'm listening to them through a tunnel. My breathing changes and becomes more rapid. The longer I lay there, the worse it gets until I finally fall asleep from exhaustion or get up.

This time, probably because it's due to many different stressors and the amount of stress, I'm having more of a difficult time getting past it. I'm up most nights all night and this time I'm more jumpy than 'normal' - probably due to the type of stress I'm under at work. I'm just wanting to know, has anyone else felt that sort of feeling? Anyone else have that type of experience? I've never seen a dr for it before, but I'm starting to feel like I'm going crazy now, so I'm more tempted to this time than times in the past. Any information is appreciated.

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