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I have GAD. Have had anxiety for as long as I can remember.. at least a decade. Finally getting treated for it. Taking Wellbutrin for fatigue (yeah yeah.. not practical) and Zoloft 50mg/day for anxiety.

When does it kick in? So far I have a chronic headache, nausea, worse anxiety and the worst, I feel indifferent. Not zombie-like, but my brain seems 'flat.' I used to write pretty well, but now I don't know how to start, for example, or how to put things into words eloquently.

Yesterday I took a nap and woke up with a panic attack (VERY rare for me). I was numb from head to toe, heart beat through the roof and very confused. Felt like I was in a dream. Anyway, it subsided after Clonazepam and an hour or two.

but anyway, I can't stand this 'indifferent' feeling. My income depends on my creativity/writing.. and I find it hard to concentrate. Easy to lose focus, and my short term memory is bad.. these are all likely due to the increased anxiety.

[B][SIZE="6"]When did it begin working in your experience, and at what dosage?[/SIZE][/B]

[I]Interesting note: Zoloft has fixed my sex life. Libido seems the same if not better, but the sex itself feels 100x better. Before the Zoloft, there was no pleasure in foreplay, and sex was bland. [/I]

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