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Re: Fuzzy Feeling
Mar 8, 2008
Lucky, I don't agree with the ones that say it's anxiety. I have the extreme brain fog too....and I don't have anxiety. I have HAD anxiety, and used to call myself the panic attack queen, but after they got my thyroid straightened out, the panic and anxiety stopped. What I have now is totally different. When I had anxiety, I would have the out of body sensation, but never had the brain fog. Now I have the brain fog so bad that I feel I'm on another planet sometimes. For some it might be a low thyroid, and for others it might be 'estrogen starvation' of the brain, a symptom of peri-menopause. When we are in peri-menopause, (which can start in our 30's) they say it's just like coming off a drug addiction and we suffer many of the same symptoms....extreme brain fog being one of them. Mine comes and goes, so it has to have something to do with hormones. This time I've had it longer than usual, so am hoping it is the last big hurrah before menopause is here to stay! Menopause just means that peri-menopause is over. Okay, now tell me you're a guy and I am really out in left-field with my diagnosis!

Hang tough, because you can handle this just fine! (and remind yourself that others are experiencing the same thing)

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