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[raises hand]

yeah... same here. I've been driving 20+ years, love driving, love highway, getting from here to there..

However, out of nowhere I felt like I was going to faint. It just kept happening, I wasn't near an exit or a place I could pull over so I had to keep driving.. The best I can describe it is almost like that weird "WHAT WHAT?!" thing if you start to nod off watching television or something and SNAP back awake.. only without the nodding off, just a weird going to faint head thing..

I have since experience "noodle arms" and at times a weird, disconnected feeling with my arms (or legs) where I feel dampened sensation and the illusion of dampened control - like if I have an itch on my nose, raising a hand to scratch real quick and then back to where it was almost seems like some strange juggling act. It's like, lift, scratch, woah.. wooooaaaahhh.. ahh.. okay.. that's done..

I don't know about anyone else but I have noticed it more frequently when I'm hungry. Not exclusively, but definitely around 75ish% of the time.

I don't have thoughts before it happening, but during it definitely gets dicey, since I'm on the highway, operating a car in a sea of cars usually with a loved one with me. So I don't think it's obsessive, weird or whatever to be have a concern and related thoughts or panic that you don't want to kill yourself, a loved one or complete strangers if this "episode" goes as it implies it could.

I've had anxiety and panic episodes before (entering rooms full of people, enclosed close personal interaction areas like a dentist appointment and such) I would say this driving one doesn't hit ALL the symptoms for me but enough of them that I'd definitely consider it an anxiety-related thing. Absolutely.

I wasted a bunch of time and money on a psychiatrist/medication combo years ago to try to eliminate the people/space related anxiety with no positive results. I mentioned the driving thing and other stuff to my regular MD.. he said casually, "sounds like anxiety and maybe some panic".. I said, "yeah", with an awkward smile and he handed me some sample Lexapro.

First attempt at a whole pill (don't recall the MG) I didn't feel well, stopped immediately and called the doc.. he suggested taking a break, going for half a pill initially, building it up in my system and seeing how it goes.. well.. today is my first day half a pill retry, so I can't say if it'll help anyone or not..... including myself.. I'm hopeful and definitely think anxiety would be a great consideration for noodle arm, thinking you're going to faint drivers on the highway or elsewhere. All the best to us all :)

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