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Hi All,

Been a while since I've posted, but sure enough everytime you think you've got this beat it will find a new way to manifest itself. Newer people don't take this the wrong way, it's just another step in the battle of beating this.

Here's my question: Can anxiety heighten your senses to the extreme? I mean walking out side first thing in the morning and when it's a bright sunny day, it puts me into that zoned out feeling. whether it's light or darkness, hot or cold, noise is also a problem, it tends to ratchet up my senses big time. This might sound weird but even I can feel it in my hair, if I turn my head quickly, it can cause the same sensation (just because of re-focusing on something else). It's like my senses are at defcon 1.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, could you please throw some advice this way on how to tame this damn thing. My days of panic attacks, worrying about dying, rapid breathing and all that garbage are all behind me, but this crap really annoys me. The deep breathing doesn't seem to do anything either. I split a .25mg Xanax (half in morning half at night), but when this is roaring the meds don't seem to do squat. Definitely puts a damper on the quailty of life too.

Thanks for listening.
Yes, I am very sensitive to noise and stimula, I've noticed it also.

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