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i am 29 years old and a couple of months ago i got palpitations in my chest for 2 weeks solid they were so scary i didnt know what was happening so i went to doctors they done and ECG and i also used the holter monitor for 24 hrs. The results showed i had a slightly fast heart beat which i know is pretty normal but the doc. said he would refere me to see a cardiologist any way. The palpitations went away Thanks god but i have been getting a very strange feeling in my chest one i cant explain, it mainly only happens when i am lying down and i can only describe it as a slight tightness in the chest no pain but uncomfortable. i am worried as my appointment isnt until Nov. 08 i dont think i can last till then without working my self up. I have made another appoint. for next week to see my doc. again as i had this feeling all day long today i feel like a hypochondriac at this stage but i have always been in good health and this is getting me down, any feed back would be much appreciated

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