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I agree with you. Antidepressants put my anxiety thru the roof. I have terrible all day constant anxiety, for no reason I can think of. I tried Xanax, for about 2 wks, and had horrible rebound anxiety, developed a tolerance really quick. Will never take that ever again. I know benzo's are addictive, and antidepressants create more anxiety for us, so what do we take, that is safer, and will give us better results ?
I"m still searching also, as doc's want to put you on AD'S, first thing for anxiety.
Hi,* I just wanted to throw something out there....I'm not sure what your experience has been with your doctors, etc. but when I was prescribed xanax for my anxiety, my psychiatrist didn't prescribe as a daily, maintanance med.* I take it, as needed, only if other methods aren't doing the trick. When I say other methods, I mean things like deep breathing, refocusing my attention, "talking" myself through the moment, etc.I've been working with my doc, during therapy sessions, to recognize my "triggers", pay attention to my body's responses and getting a feeling for when the anxiety is either manageable by me or too intense and requires medication.Have your doctors worked on these types of things with you?* I find it very helpful, because I really didn't want to have to take meds, every day.* I know that the AD meds, such as Lexapro, have to be taken every day, but I was given the impression by my doc that xanax, valium, ativan etc. don't need to be used daily.* I also, haven't been diagnosed with depression, just anxiety. So I assume this changes the treatment methodology.* I'm just curious, because it seems like a lot of people here on the boards are getting their meds from their family physicians, as opposed to a psychiatrist. It just seems that a lot of family docs are treating, instead of referring for therapy as well.I really like having the therapy side of it and the meds side of it, under the same roof, so to speak. My doc is hesitant to prescribe SSRI's or MAOI's until he's sure that clinical depression is the primary diagnosis.Is it that both of you have that as your primary diagnosis?* Or are your doc's giving you the AD meds, just for anxiety?*** Thanks,* cmpgirl
My 2 cents; so what if you take Xanax or Ativan despite the fact that you might become dependent on them for life? Is it better to be miserable and torture yourself all day. I am not saying abuse the drugs but I see nothing with taking a pill once a day to make your days better. I feel worse in the afternoon/evening so 75% of the times I take Xanax (one in the evening). The 25% of the time I am okay and I am okay during the day for the most part.
Hey Edz61: I can't speak for the others, but I have no problems with meds. I want to feel better. I was just commenting on the fact that most people seem to get their meds from a family physician and then that's it. No
therapy etc., My feeling is that the therapy component is as important as the meds. Trust me, if I need my xanax, I don't hesitate to take it. It's just nice to have other things I can do to help shorten the attack or keep it from escalating into a trip to the ER. cmpgirl

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