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Ok I classify health anxiety as a disorder in which your mind takes over your body causing this vivid shift in brain-chemicals making you think you have something horribly wrong with you. I have had severe anxiety and depression (so the Drs. say) for about 8 months now and every day I get symptoms of Stomach cramps, Malaise, and it varies from day to day, dizzy spells, you name it I've had it. The neuro asks my why I worry, I tell him because I don't get any answers they just give me meds and send me on my way. He tells me over and over again there's nothing to worry about but I feel so horrible and sick that I just know there's something going on. I feel as if there is a certain disorder I have that there isn't a cure for and I'm only 18 years of age. It's terrifying feeling as if I'm going to leave this world, when the doctors state there is nothing wrong with me. I don't understand why I feel so ill all the time and why my mind tells me each day that it could be my last. My stomach is one of my main concerns but I've had a colonoscopy and upper GI with biopsies and everything came back fine, yet everyday I get these horrible stomach cramps and my mom tries to tell me it's just my nerves, but there's no way. I've had these cramps so bad it makes me pass out. And they say it's syncope and could possibly be seizures but that's where I'm lost because once again I HAVE NO ANSWERS. Help please, provide a story, some reassurance or anything. I feel to young to have to go through this and feel as if I am a 18 year old (who's very active and going to be playing college sports) that's trapped in a 90 year olds body. I want a bright future but I just don't see it, it seems so uncurable.

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