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;) Hello Their , you could be me because i have the same happen to me every night . Wake up in total panic mode , finally I let my doctor prescribe me xanax , which i know is supposed to be a "bad" drug . But it helps pretty fast and I can get back to sleep . Then I take a half of one after I get up in mornings , mornings are my worst time .
I also have shortness of breath seems like I am not breathing deep enough and i get scared I will just stop breathing , sometimes I find myself holding my breath . Whats that all about ?

I took Zoloft and changed to Paxil a few years ago , both of them worked well for me . Made me normal ,whatever that is :) . Just went to doctors yesterday and told him the old depression was coming back along with the anxiety . He gave me Cymbalta this time I really hope this works . I haven't been on AD's for awhile , but just couldn't handle it anymore . Paxil and Zoloft are from my understanding start working faster than most ( Just what one doctor told me ) They are in The ssri family , now Cymbalta is a ssnri ? I don't know what The "N" means or how it is different from ssri's wish I had thought to ask .

Don't know if I helped you are not , but sure is nice to have someone to talk to , I have been around awhile , don't post much , lots of good advice and people that understand what we all are going thru .

The only thing i didn't like about ssri's is the zaps you get when going on or coming off . I always tried to explain that to people , but they looked at me like i was crazy . Untill I came here and everyone seems to know . So I guess I am not crazy . Just a little whacky every now and again
I can't believe this. I have been having exactly to a tea the same problems with anxiety. I was on Paxil for years for hyperventilation attacks. It took me a long time to realize it's not physical and went through over 10 books on how to stop my anxiety. Went to a therapist and did talk therapy. Tried anxiety tapes . Finally took the 10mg of Paxil. Within 2 weeks was not hyperventilating and the fear was gone. I am 49 and have started perimenopause . The Paxil has stopped working also. About 2 years ago started having a tight stomach feeling when under stress which made me spacy, panicky and was breathing just with my chest. This was off and on. Then started to have jumping up panic attacks all night for weeks but was anxiety free during the day. Finally no panic attacks at night but before work running to the bathroom at least 5 times. That job was seasonal. I was a preschool assistant teacher for many years but a change in ownership and hours let me take some time off and I wanted to try a less stressful job. I loved the children but felt like I needed a change. After the season job I started a new job and had a knot in my stomach and felt like I was dying all day. The three people including me were laid off for job cuts. I was relieved. This was about 3 weeks ago. Went shopping with my daughter who's getting married in May for wedding shoes. Breathing fast in mall, upper chest breathing, very rapid heart and wanted to run from store. This went on for two hours jor the whole time we were there. I just couldn't shake it. Got home and used a paper bag to stop the hyperventilation . Looked pretty funny since all my husband could find was a big grocery bag. Felt better but right before bed started worrying that I'll have the same thing in the morning and immedietly started the rapid breathing again. Had Easter with my parents and my mom who's in her 70's had her cousins over and while talking was seeing stars and my pupils looked dilated. This went on the whole time. I couldn't even help my mom with the meal. She said she could tell on my face that I was not feeling well again. Now it seems I could only talk to my "safe people", husband, mom, sometimes my daughter(she's high strung and I tense up") without hyperventilating. I even do it on the phone. I'm dreading her wedding and even her Bridal shower next week. I want to enjoy myself at her wedding and shower. I'm so afraid of myself because the hyperventilation seems to be involuntary now. As soon as I wake up my heart starts to race and I start the fast chest breathing and it's down hill from there all day. It's a horrible feeling. Will make an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow and finally ask for a new medication. If I have at least one good day I change my mind & don't do anything. NOw it's been so many bad days. I'm afraid to take and new med and don't even know what would be good after the paxil. Sorry this is so long but I feel better knowing I'm not the only one with this horrible symptom of anxiety.

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