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I was just skimming through this site due to another medical issue when I come accross this thread.
I remember what a nightmare anxiety is, how it effects your life, how you rush yourself to emergency rooms with panic attacks, how docs prescribe valium and anti depressants which have an adverse reaction of causing anxiety.
I was 20 years old working for high preassure stock market company when it first hit me. and it hit me hard.
Bad thoughts, fear to leave my house, sweaty palms and even had ambulance guys breaking down my door due to a panic attacks.
I suffered a nightmare on and off for 5 years with periods where I was just dazed.
I tried valium which made it worse, I tried beta blockers which only gave me messed up dreams..
I am now 27 and cured from anxiety. YES NO MORE ANXIETY.
I decided to take the trouble to write this post, because I wish someone had taken the time to write one for me to read..
I understand what the previous post JAILY is saying but I totally disagree..
This might not work for everyone but I beleive very strongly that it is the only cure..
There is a method called the Lyndon Method.
Anyway I will explain here as best I can what it is..
It is based on the fact that Anxiety is not a chemical imbalance (which I agree with)
Anxiety is a learnt response, if you repeat your actions over and over your brain remembers and repeats.
Everyone has the in built flight or fight response which is totally natural.
Fear is a natural response, anxiety is just fear when there is no reason for it.
Post traumatic stress is similar, something puts you such a state of fear that your brain keeps repeating it after the cause has gone.
Basically you have trained your body to create fear based on your thought processes, its the wrong thought processes that spirals and feeds your anxiety.
The symptoms created from anxiety, the sweaty palms, change in breathing make you create more bad thoughts which increase the anxiety, you start thinking do I need to go to hospital and very soon you are there..
Anyway the way I found to cure myself 100% from anxiety is to believe 100% that the cause is anxiety and that it can not harm me.
No one has ever died from a panic attack, you simply train your mind to dismiss the feelings of anxiety.
Basically the mind is a very powerful thing and you have trained your mind to create fear based on certain thoughts.
Simply change your thoughts, the very fact that your hear reading this is manifesting your negative thoughts.
Im not saying dont use this site because it seams great and I found some great info on my other medical issue.
But your here reading this because you think something is wrong with you, it is that thought that is creating the anxiety.
In this post it may seam that Im telling you what to do, its not the case its more the fact that if your going to try this there is no beating round the bush,, there is no grey area you need to believe it for it to work.
You simply need to 110% believe that yes you have anxiety, no it cant hurt you, no you dont need to research further, no you dont need to seek reasurance as these things feed the bad thoughts.
You have convinced yourself that something is wrong with you, so your mind has made it true.
Anyway I really hope this helps, as I said I went through a nightmare and fixed it, Im posting this in the hope it helps others.
One last thing that gave me instant releif, if you know how to find and download things of the internet, find an mp3 on the net that is self hypnosis for anxiety or relaxation.
Remember your thoughts are creating the anxiety, fill yourself with thoughts that everything is ok, totally convince youself that this will work and your brain will believe it.
Good luck, any question or results please post. I will watchout for it..

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