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Re: Paxil
Mar 26, 2008
Hi, I've taken Paxil for a long time now. This drug has been wonderful for me. The side effects you describe are normal and will go away. I take my dosage at night and it actually helps me sleep. I would suggest taking it at night also. In the beginning I remember having the same side effects that you describe and they went away in about 2 week. I did feel more anxious in the beginning but that also went away. This drug makes me feel normal again without all the anxiety and depression. I used to be afraid to fly, ride elevators, drive on the interstate. I now do all of these things without any anxiety. Well, I'm not sure about the flying. I'm planning on flying to LA in May so I'll find out about anxiety. Before Paxil I would not even considered taking this trip. Now, I want to experience life. I also suffered from extreme social anxiety in high school and the paxil also help this. I wish that I had taken this drug in high school. I feel I would have had a better experience. All the good things aside: the one thing I hate about Paxil is weight gain. Paxil seems to increase my appetite for carbs. I've always been successful when I put my mind to a weight loss program, however, since taking Paxil I've not been successful loosing weight. Even with the weight gain I can still I'm happy and my outlook on life is so much better. Anxiety problems put your body/mind through the ringer. It will take your body/mind time to get back to normal. Paxil will your body/mind get back to normal faster. Good luck with Paxil. If this drug does not work for you don't get discouraged. There are others out there to try. My mom takes Lexapro and her doctor informed her that Lexapro has less weight gain issues than Paxil. Just take control of your diet and don't let Paxil take control. Best wishes!

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