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Re: Xanax & eyes?
Mar 29, 2008
Hi Gram: My doc prescribed me 1/2 mg. tabs that I can take up to 4 of them in one day, which equals a total of 2 whole mgs. What I do is if I start feeling anxious, I will usually take a half a tab (1/4mg) In about 15 minutes if I still feel the anxiety building I immediately take the other half of the pill.

I can keep doing that as long as I don't go over the prescribed daily dose. I find this works better for me, because that way if I don't need the whole dose, I don't have to take it. It's based really on how bad my anxiety is.

If I get one of those sudden out of the blue panic attacks, I will take 2 tabs, which equals 1 whole mg., but I've been learning in therapy to recognize what things trigger my anxiety and try to nip it in the bud, so to speak. I can usually tell when I'm starting to get anxious, by how I'm breathing, if I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed etc.

But for those times that I don't see it coming, I'll take the full 1mg right away.

I hope I explained that OK. My heads a little foggy today.

If you are at a point where you are in a constant state of anxiety, maybe a different type of med is in order, like lexapro or paxil etc. Do you have constant anxiety or does it come and go?

Take care and let me know, cmpgirl

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