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I had been on 10mgs of Lexapro for the past 7 yrs and doing really well up until about 3 months ago. I thought it was medical, I had my nose fixed (septoplasty, surgery for deviated septum) and had my gallbladder removed.
still not feeling well I've been through bunches of test but they all come back negative. My dr suggested upping the Lexapro to 20mgs, in the past week I've already increased to 15mgs and feel better. Recently I have gone from taking .5mgs of Ativan to 1.5mgs. Dr said she wants to try 1mg of Klonopin 3x a day. Since I'm so sensitive to meds I decided to wait until today (Sat) so I didn't freak out at work. So I took the new combo this morning and feel no anxiety but kind of drugged up. Is the Klonopin stronger than Ativan? I can't possibly imagine taking this drug 3x a day. I've heard Klonopin is stronger than Ativan and longer lasting which is good for me because I'm usually good until lunch time on Ativan and then feel the anxiety returning. I actually started the Klonopin last night after the past few weeks of waking up at 4am every morning when my alarm was set for 630. Last night I slept 9 hours, that was nice. I'm thinking of cutting down to .5 Klonopin 2x a day. I could'nt imagine driving right now and am ready for a nap! Any thoughts or comments would really help ease my mind.

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