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hi there,well 1 morning back in may 2004,i woke up with my heart beating fast and visable in my chest,and my temples in my head pulsating as fast as 123,and i felt dizzy,so i thought this cant be right and i was very scared of what had happened or what was happening i should say,so i decided to make an appointment with my doctor and i got to see him about 2 hours after i went through what i have never been through before in my life,so when i got called in his office he was like what can i do for you,so i told him my experiance of what happened before hand,so he checked me over and diagnosed me with an head cold,i really thought to myself i aint a doctor but surley and head cold would not cause that?so in concern of my health as i was only about 21 at the time i made way up to my local hospital,they done an ecg scan on me and all came back normal,so i thought well i dont feel normak and i am sure what i went through aint normal either,but it was assuring to know i was ok,or at least i guess i am ok,and they know what they are doing,
So i went home and about a week later i still had my heart beating fast and visable in my chest,so i thought to myself this cant be normal,so i went back to my doctors and asked for tests to be done,he sent me to the hospital for an ecg,echocardiogram,blood tests for diabetes and over active thyroid gland,which all came back clear,but if they are all clear,why am i still feeling this weird sensation?
Then about 5 months after i was just sitting at home and relaxing then all of a sudden it felt like i took a deep breath in but never exhaled out and began to sweat easy and my heart was beating fast,so i made another trip up to my local hospital and they done another ecg scan which came back normal,i was happy to hear,but still in my mind if normal why am i still suffering i thought?a year on and still all clear,i thought to myself something cant be right?i went back to my doctors and seen a different doctor,he said i can see my heart beating in my chest cause i am a thin guy,ok fair enough i thought,but if so why as it only became noticable after that time i had the problem,not before,like when i was in school or something?
From that day i have been back and forth to doctors,tried all kinda of tablets,even tried to deal with it without tablets,but to no success,
I just keep getting from my doctor its stress and anxiety,but how i thought i dont feel stressed or anxious?
Yet i have all these symptoms from time to time which include,fast heart beat,sweating easy,visable heart beat in my chest,cold hands,well mainly cold fingers i should say,pain in my left arm and upper and lower back but mainly by my shoulder blades,pins and needles,and sometimes but not often i have woken up with my left arm feeling heavy and dead,and if i get my pointing finger and rub it across the side of my upper arm i get a tingling feeling,and every now and then i get the frequent urge to urinate,i was wondering is it linked with how i am feeling or something different?i asked my doctor to check my prostate for enlarged or flamortory of the prostate i got nah your too young it cant be that,and i also get i aint got a magic pill,well dont we all wish the doctors had a magic pill,if so none of us would be sick i guess,and cause my doctor or anyone cant find anything wrong i feel like i am wasting their time,but surley it cant be right?
ps-goodluck to all of you,i hope you get better,take care.

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