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I have posted to boards before but I am exeriencing complete panic tonite. I thought I was having heart attack earlier. My heart was pounding , shaky and my mind just felt out of control. I took a quarter of .5 xanax to see if that helped it did some. I am starting paxil, was on it 8 yrs prior and just stopped in june 07. It did work well for me. I started it again because I am in menopause, my mother has alzheimers and I was just spiraling into a low that i couldnt bring myselfl out of.
Since my episode earlier I still feel very shaky. I start paxil 10 days ago and started with 8th of a 20 mg pill for 4 days then moved to 4th of pill then have been on whole 20 mg for 3 days. My sister thinks i just extended the initial side effects. and am getting doubtful and tired of this anxiety. I always have this reaction starting on paxil and thought i would minimize it by starting slow. I am having headaches and its driving me nuts. I have tried lexapro made me hyper , effexor was like being in a black cloud, zoloft didnt take care of my anxiety, took zyprexa and had bad reaction on it also. Paxil is hard to get on but I am having doubts if I did the right thing. It is only one that has worked in past I just dont know if i can get through until it starts working.. Any advice would be appreciated,,, my family is tired of dealing with me like this i think.
Thank you so much
Thanks for your post. I woke up shaky and panicky again today. I am sleeping better on the paxil but its when I awake thats the problem. Actuallly as soon as I wake up. I should have went with my instinct to move up in dose slowly but my family was pushing me to get the whole 20 in me so it would start working. An now there wondering why Im having such bad panic attacks. They dont get it. My daughter is on lexapro and she said she never had any effects when starting. There are those of us who are super sensitive and it is torture to go through but you know you have to get help. I feel for you also. I hope it starts working for you.
Thank you all so much for your post it is great being able to come here and be reassured that what im going through is normal for some. You guys all are great support!!!

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