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Wow, I feel the same way. I was always a very laid back, relaxed person. never had anxiety or depression.

A few weeks before my 43 birthday while I was on vacation with family everything changed. I started with a swallowing problem which escalted to internal shaking, loss of appetite, tired, weak and more. I lost lots of weight. If you search under my name you can get more details.

This lasted a few months, I had lots of tests, all negative or if not something minor which would not cause these problems. I finally went to the Cleveland clinic, where they told me I had orthostatic hypotension ( low BP on standing) and gave me some support hose, a mild beta blocker ( which I had been on before for high bp) and told me to eat salt.

I am not sure if it was my mind, but within a few weeks most symptoms went away and other than some residual internal shaking, I got my appetite back and was able to function at a "new normal". I was not 100%, but could do stuff with my kids and such. It could be it was just time the anxiety went away, or hormones calmed down. Don't know for sure.

Now its back with a vengance. I had vertigo in December (since resolved, but anxiety from it is not) and that combined with a sick 15 YO DD, it has thrown me back into full blown anxiety big time. I have internal shakes daily, loss of appetite, tired, frequent bathroom use, can't stay up past 8pm, wake up at 4:30 and can't fall back asleep daily, etc.

Too boot I am waiting from call from Dr, I am sure I have Diabetes, but still that would only cause a few symptoms, not what I have now. I had a oral glucose test and brought a meter, numbers were high.

My problem is I am afraid of side effects of the ssri's that might help I tried them a little last time and they made me shake more. I take a small piece of a .5 ativan, which before was as needed, maybe once a month or every few weeks.

Now its a small amount daily as the internal shaking is horrible. I really think its my hormones, but not sure. I don't want to get addicted, seems I can't win either way.

I would love to be even semi-normal now.

I hate this too.

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