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These past few days I have been having the hardest time falling asleep without my mind going 100 miles per hour. I usually watch comedic tv shows to keep my mind off things, until I start to dose off then I usually turn the TV off and go to sleep.

These last few nights I have done this same routine, but I usually cannot put my mind at ease. Everything starts going through my head like crazy, bad thoughts usually. Last night, it got worse. At first it happend really quick, but then it did it again but was VERY bad this time. I was pretty much asleep, and then all of a suddon I got this EMENSE feeling of dread and complete and utter terror come across me. I became extremely hot, and I was shaking. I kept saying to myself in my mind "oh god no, please go away, please please please go away" It felt like something REALLY bad was about to happen, like I was going to die or there was some kind of spirit or SOMETHING putting this terror on me. (which is weird that i thought that because I am not one to believe in demons or anything like that...)

I talked to my grandmother about it today and she told me she thought it could be an anxiety attack. I'm pretty sure thats what it was now, because i have been doing some researching and all of the symptoms are what i experenced.
Yes, i have lately been going through an extremely hard time. My boyfriend and i just broke up and i took it very badly, and still do. And some other bad things that just seem to contribute to my stress. But my break up seems to be the worse.

Just wondering what you may think it is, if there could be anything else?
thank you!

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