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ok, I am sure many of you have went thru what I am going thru, so I need help.
I have been suffering from anxiety for roughly 6 yrs. I am 27 and for me anxiety comes and goes, I was on zoloft for a while, but I gained mucho lbs. from that. So, not so smartly I took myself off of it, assuming that since the attacks had stopped and I had come to terms with it, that if it happened again I could control it, and I did a good job for about a year and here of late I have started having them again.
Here is my scenario. I am struggling with stress, anyway, last week I had an episode and calmed myself with deep breathing and meditation , well the day after my episode I woke up late(approx. noon) and was quite hungry so I decided to eat something, well I dont know if its because of the anxiety or what but when I went to go swallow its like I couldnt and the food I was trying to eat got stuck , I began to choke and was home alone and all I could think of was " I dont want to die", so I forced my weak fingers(due to not being able to breathe) down my throat and retrieved the food. Needless to say that added to the prior anxiety /stress was traumatizing. Well, I made it thru the remainder of the day, but still had slight panic, I couldnt eat that night, but was assuming it was because of my throat being sore. The following day I could not eat because of a fear of choking, I sat there telling myself its ok Angie, you can eat, you can handle this, and my body (throat feeling as if it was closing due to rapid heartbeat/breathing) has kept me from eating. I am trying to deal, but its been 4 days and I still cant eat solid foods, my bf bought me some broth and ice cream and that has been my meals for the past few days. I went to the ER to get checked out, but if any of you have been regularly to the ER , you know that the doctors look at you as if you are not of importance, they feel like you should be on meds and that your problem is not signifigant. So when I was there the doc put me on Vistaril to take the edge of as he said and sent me on my merry way. The vistaril keeps me calm for about 2 hrs and not really calm enough to eat. Is there anyone who is going thru what I am ? Does anyone know of a med to take that doesnt take long to systemize like zoloft does, something that I can take and see a difference without scary side effects?

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