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I know this doesn't seem so severe, but I just wanted to put it out there to see it anyone had any advice.

This has been going on for years. I have this fear of making phone calls. I can't make a phone call without planning what I am going to say first. I sometimes put off calls for days just to plan what to say.

Just the other day this guy my friend set me up with called. I am interested in him, but have yet to call him back because I don't know what to say in case I get his voicemail.

In middle and high school my best friend had to call me to talk about what went on that day because I wouldn't call her.

I have no problem talking on the phone. Once I get on I am fine, especially is someone calls me first. As long as I don't have to make the call I am fine.

I am the EXACT same way as you. You could be my twin!! I've always had this issue, unless it was someone I knew very well, close friends & stuff. But if I have to call anyone else (dr office, billing people, stores, anything) I get extremely nervous & I also put things off. When i'm extra nervous what i'll do, as crazy as it may sound, is literally write out what i'm going to say & read it when I make the call. It does help a lot with the anxiety about making the call for me anyways. I hope I helped a little!! :angel:
You did help because it is good to know that there is someone out there you feels exactly the same way I do. I go over all the different senerios that can happen when I make a call and plan what to say to each them. That is why I love the Internet. I no problems emailing people. If I can email a company instead of calling I go with the emailing.
i am the same way, i have no problem talking to my mom or sisters on the phone but anyone else i too will either write out what i have to say or i will practice over and over.. i get very nervouse and my heart beats extremely fast. i have bumped into old friends from school or people that i knew and i want to keep in contact with them but i am way to scared to call them and so i dont. i also put important phonecalls off till the last minute. you are not alone
[I]I'm [/I]glad I'm not the only one with this problem. ;) So thanks for posting about this. I go so far as to advoid any phone calls. I use my machine to screen calls, then I'll call back if I have to.

Another thing I don't like is, to make a call while others can hear me. It completly freaks me out to hear people talking on their cell phones where anyone can hear the conversation. Usually at twice the volume as they would be if they were actually speaking the other person. Yesterday some lady was on her cell phone in the bathroom at the grocery store! I couldn't help but laugh at her as I flushed the toilet in the next stall. :jester:

So no, you're not alone.
Some people really need to get over always having to talk on their cellphones.

I have the same problem as you with the not wanting people to hear while I make phone calls. When I am at home I turn on my radio or television; and then go into my closet to make the phone call.

Thanks to everyone who has replied. I am happy to know that I am not alone.

make the phones calls
it can help you get your mind off your illnesses
it helps me
im on the phone 24/24
I know you kind of ended your thread, but I wanted to post. I am the exact same way with phone calls. A few years back I took this job where it wasn't in the job description AT ALL but I ended up having to answer phone calls in an office where there was no cubicles so everyone could hear my conversations. It was torture! But I got through it and eventually found a job that was more suited for me. Anyway like everyone else said, you are not alone! :)
I've had terrible problems with this over the past 20 years or so. However, the one thing I've found that helps is to carry on making them regardless of how you feel, just tell yourself that the person on the other end has no idea about how you feel! A few years ago I had to phone a hospital about my son's appointment and I was shaking with fear but after 20 minutes of trying to get through, I was so annoyed that I completely forgot about how anxious I was! Also, when my Father was very ill and needed an ambulance, I rang the emergency services with out any problem whatsoever - just goes to show that when you really need to do it, you can.
You are completely right. Even though I have horrible anxiety about making the phone calls, right after the call starts, all the anxiety goes away. It is like their wasn't any to begin with.


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