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Help me!!!!!
May 25, 2008
ok, I have posted a few threads on here due to worries......heres a very brief history of myself. I am 27. I have suffered from anxiety for almost 7 yrs. I was on Zoloft for 2 years. Came off of it and was ok for about a year and then as of late I started to get severe attacks. Heres a little explanation as to why. I had a traumatizing experience a week ago. I was home alone and made myself lunch(note was feeling anxious) went to swallow and choked, the food would not go down and I was scared to death I kept thinking that I didnt want to die , fortunately I was able to yank it out , but afterward I was a wreck I had the longest panic attack I have ever had and it took at least an hour to calm myself. I went to the ER and they examined me by basically looking at my throat and telling me there was nothing there, I told them I suffered from anxiety which I think was a mistake because after I told the Dr that he basically diagnosed me with anxiety.
Since that episode I have been having trouble eating, I have not eaten a complete meal in a week. I feel weak. The only thing I can tolerate without panicking about choking is soup and broth, ice cream and ensure, I have been drinking V8 and have been drinking water. But thats it.
As I have in the past I have researched every illness there is and of course acid reflux has come to mind, thyroid disorder, amongst others. I am currently taking ativan 1 mg 2 times a day and Zoloft 50 mg. When I have ativan in me I find that the closed throat feeling isnt as bad, but I have noticed that I have a phlegmy type feeling where my tonsils would be if I had them. I can swallow , no pain, just get gaggy sensation. Is this stress? panic?
Also, I have had handfuls of hair falling out, never had this happen before, Could this be stress related?
If anyone could be of any help or just could give me some kind words to tell me Im ok I would appreciate it, I am sooo scared right now.:(

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