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Scrips and GAD
Jun 2, 2008
Hi, I'm new. I have dealth with Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder
for as long as I can remember. Once when I was little I remember going thru a period of time where I was afraid to fall asleep I couldn't get deep breaths, and was afraid I'd die in my sleep. I didnt know I was having panic attacks. I believe this was prior to this I had heard about a neighbors house being broken into.

I remember practically hyperventilating several times for seemingly no reason, and feeling like people were staring at me all the time even though in hindsight they weren't. In grade school and middle school I thrived (oddly enough) in drama classes and loved to act. When I hit HS though and the stages got bigger, and the scripts got longer, I gave away the lead to a play I fought really hard for of anxiety.

My little sister started the same symptoms when she got to college. She had an eating disorder and was in the ER countless times for what she thought was always a heart attack. Turns out after comparing notes and confronting our mother (who had gone thru serious depression during her menopause) we all had virtually the same thing, as does my Aunt and grandmother. Meds were not really prominent then. My mom was put on Effexor as was my sister, and I was put on Lexapro for the first time when I was 27. I got heavy despite the fact that I was an avid runner. After starting a new Doc she also put me on Effexor and took me off Lexxapro.

Things got better but I was still feeling depression. I went to a psysche consult and he recommended taking both Effexor and Wellbutrin and recommended specific times of the day to take them. It worked great and for the past 5 yrs I have been overall happy.

My GP suggested weaning off WellB as I was almost quit in re to smoking and thought since both Effexor and WellB helped the symptoms I had most, I didnt need to be on both.

I weaned off WellB per Docs instructions, and have none in my system for 5 days. I am having a pretty hard time. I am moody, feel like I am getting the flu, am feeling anti-social (which is SO not me LOL) and go from having
no energy to wanting to take care of like 30 things at once. Lifestyle wise I have alot coming up so I am sure that is part of it but most of it I'm (was) excited about. Now I feel more negativity.

That's where I am now. Doc scribed me a tricyclic to help with the WellB effects, but it makes me so tired I can only take it at night. I also have
Klonopin in case of an emergency attack.

Am I being too hopeful in thinking that I am still on Effexor that the I am experiencing thru WellB will be lessened? I know its just been days
since I went off- and I dont have insurance right now- so if I can get thru these side effects I'll be so happy (and saving money). Anyone been in a situation where were on 2 meds then one? I want to be happy again!:confused:

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