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I know that, left untreated, anxiety can sometimes manifest itself as physical symptoms. While I will admit up-front I do not have an official diagnosis, I think I may have an anxiety problem. I have been having tension-style heacaches non-stop for over a year and a half, I developed constant breathing problems within the last year (with no other signs of lung or respiratory issues) and recently I have begun to feel slightly dizzy and developed more noticeable headaches (not one-sided, so chances are they aren't a sign of anything very bad).

I realize that the dizziness could be from other things like low blood pressure, vertigo or an ear infection, just to name a few. But my blood pressure is definitely not low (it's a tiny bit above normal), I am pretty sure I do not have an infection of any kind and I don't think it's vertigo. I have been feeling a bit down lately because of some things in my life I do not like that I feel I cancnot change. Also, it's finals week. Sooo, stress is a factor. I don't feel incredibly stressed, but I realize that tons of stress might not be required to trigger these physical symptoms.

At most, I'm thinking I might have a sinus infection or an ear infection of some sort. But could anxiety also be a cause of the dizziness?

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