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I just really don't understand when I read these anecdotal stories of people putting on 40-60-80+ pounds of weight and saying that it was because of antidepressant meds. That much weight certainly can't happen overnight and people would have to be continuously buying yet bigger and bigger clothes to wear.

Just from a realistic point of view, it's hard to understand how if your eating sensibly and dieting how the body could pack on these huge weights.

Lots of people really don't have a lot of knowledge about just how much fat, sugar, salt and calories manufacturers of food products manage to put in their products. Anyone who has spent a short time reading a calorie counter book can be shocked when they realize just how much they really are in fact eating when in reality they truly believed that they were in fact eating "healthily".

Is it just the fact that people are on the meds and feeling "laid back" and are in a "good paddock" and just solely eating more than they really believe that they are and maybe not worrying that much about putting extra calories in their mouth because their feeling better?

Or is it something insidious in the actual SSRI that can make the weight insidiously creep on and if so how can a person eating say 1200 calories a day through simple physics put on weight if their basic metabolic rate would be burning those calories off.

From everything I know the only way to put on weight is to eat more food than the body can use as fuel and that extra is stored as body fat.

Does anyone have anything that can be added to this thread? It seems like a lot of people have a lot of fear over SSRI's and weight gain, but is that fear ungrounded because we read negative feedback on the internet?

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