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Sometimes I think I think i'm alone in my situation because it's a everyday treatement, not on "occasion". It will be for 2 or 3 months.
I do. I have Panic Disorder, and I take 0.5 mg of Clonazepam (generic of Klonopin) twice daily. I've been on this dosage for about two years now. Anyway, it seems to work fairly well. I have my trusty 0.25 mg Xanax as back-up in case I need it (I rarely do). But I don't take anything else (no anti-depressants). I believe you'll find that you are far from being alone in your situation. Best of luck!
My doctor wants me to take just xanax xr for awhile everyday and see how I do. I am scared to, because I know xanax works for me when I really need it, and I am scared my body will get used to it and then I won't have that immediate cure. My doctor tried to reassure me that isn't the way it works, so we'll see. I'm also scared I might get some breakthrough "depression" from not taking an antidepressant. I guess I'll deal with it then if that happens.

Rimouski, what benzo are you taking?
I take Rivotril since I took other medication the basic dose didn't work 0.50mg. So I take between 1.12 mg or 1.25 mg at night with a little bite of Desyrel. Is a been 20 days. I have been able to go down from 2mg, 1.50, 1.35mg to 1.25 mg and even 1.12mg but at this dose it's doesn't work regulary well but I think have been a bit too ambitious. I gonna stay at 1.25mg for mabye month after I want to go down!!!! I know it's possible. Il will be more harder than now but you can quarter, by quarter.
Rivotril is Klonopin in the States I'M from Canada

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