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I have too lost alot of weight maybe about 70lbs in the past year. But I am sure that is from the Zoloft they have me on for Anxiety. I have it pretty much undercontrol (my anxiety)But I was on Remeron for years and gained a ton of weight. So loseing weight for me is not such a bad thing. I feel alot better. I also quit drinking pop. So I am sure that helped (caffine not good for anxiety) I drink alot of water now. So that might be helping too. I have changed my diet only 3 meals a day, unlike when I was on Remeron I wanted to eat and drink pop all the time. It was a great drug for sleeping but the weight was really getting to me. (I have insomnia really bad) But with other medications I seem to sleep somewhat okay. Getting a new job helped too. My old job just had me over stressed. Well I hope my info helps you out.

Add me to the list of weight loss victims :-) Back in March I was complaining to my friends that I felt heavy and wanted to lose weight. Not like this though! My anxiety/panic surfaced in April and I went from 149 then to my current 132 now. I'm 5ft 8. I was to the point where I was literally forcing myself to eat every day, the thought of food made me so sick.

I'm on the recovery road and my anxiety is getting better. I am able to eat again, but I'm not really gaining weight back which of course, makes me think that something else must be wrong. I start wondering what diseases cause weight loss.

I need to remind myself that it takes time to lose it, so it would make sense that it takes time to gain it :-)

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