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For most of my life (particularly the past 2 yrs.) I have been getting these heart palpitations (or that's what they feel like.) It's like my heart is jumping through my throat and I can't breath for a second. It's a really scary but literally only lasts for a second, then it's gone. I even got them as a child, but always ignored them they were so a few times a year.

I saw the Dr. it started happening a lot during the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy last year. They did an EKG test, and then I wore the holter monitor for 24 hrs. and got a letter back from them saying the results were normal. (Of course when I wore the monitor I didn't feel any palpitations...go figure...) So then I saw the thyroid Dr. and he did an to check and he saw nothing unusual. So am was still left wondering why I get these.

Lately I've been getting them a whole lot more often, like several times a day, and now more than ever I notice they only happen when I am feeling overwhelmed/stressed/nervous. It's actually scaring me. Could it be I have anxiety issues and just don't know it? I'm scared it is something serious but haven't been diagnosed for. Maybe I worry too much, but I just want to know what it is so I can stop worrying about it!

Anyone with advice/tips would help! I know anxiety runs in my family, I don't know if it's hereditary.
Racing, pounding, seemingly irregular heart beat; and shortness of breath are classic of panic attacks. It is literally the fight or flight response when you have those symptoms kicking in. What makes it anxiety is that it is an over-reaction in comparison to the stimulus. Simply watching something on television that subconsciously reminds you of something unpleasant can trigger an attack.

If you have been checked thoroughly for everything as you have, you may want to go in and point blank ask them about anxiety. Sometimes that is the only way you can get the proper treatment.

I am fortunate that I have been able to figure out what emotional and/or physical situations trigger mine. Understanding the panic triggers helps greatly in relieving the symptoms because it helps you to calm down. Once you know the cause, you feel more in control. Counseling might be a good option for you if they determine it is indeed anxiety.

Keep us informed on how you are doing!

Lindaru :)

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