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Hi there.
This isn't the first time I have come on here. The first time helped me alot due to real good advice.
Basically, I have situational anxiety. I have recently graduated from university and up until a few days before my resluts, I have had increasing anxiety from the christmas break. I see a counssellor and it was obvious to us both that my anxiety was brought on by work load and the feeling of not achieving. When I did work and felt good about it, it was like I never had anxiety. If I was stressed like through my exams, the anxiety was real bad. Feeling really detached from reality and I started questioning life etc....not nice. When I finished I dodn't feel any better and my counssellor told me that it will take time to go. I have now got my grade which I am ok with and I am starting to apply for jobs. Trouble is, I feel bad again. Its really getting me down, I don't understand why it won't go. But then it has only been2 days since I properly finished.
Has anyone experienced this and will it pass ?
When I feel good, I think I will never feel rubbish again but then the next day i feel really detached.
Please Help !!
Everybody gets anxiety, but situational anxiety is when the anxiety gets too much to handle. For example, it stops you from doing things ( going out, starting a new Job etc). The good thing about situational anxiety, like 'Lindaru' said, is that it can be controlled without medication. My situational anxiety has been brought on by increased stress with uni, getting jobs, no money and no girlfriend. I have never had anxiety like this before, I think it all got on top of me and it was my body's way of getting me to do work. I found that if I worked, I felt much better.
The reason i have posted on here is because I have now finished uni but I still have days of feeling down and detached. I just needed to hear from people with similar simtums.

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